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Setting up a Bluetooth HotSync operation with a desktop PC

Setting up a Bluetooth HotSync operation with a desktop PC

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Before you begin

Welcome! This tutorial will show you how to set up a Bluetooth connection between your Palm device and desktop PC, so that you can perform wireless HotSync operations.

These instructions may seem long, but that's only because they describe the process in detail - and you only need to go through it once. After setup, the procedure itself is quite simple.

What you'll need

Bluetooth enabled desktop PC

The desktop PC with which you connect must have Bluetooth wireless technology, either built-in or through a Bluetooth card.

Make sure that the desktop PC's Bluetooth setting is "discoverable" (meaning that it shows up when other devices search for nearby Bluetooth connections). Consult the user guide for your desktop PC or Bluetooth card to learn how to do this.

Bluetooth enabled Palm OS device

Check your device's specifications to learn if it includes Bluetooth wireless capabilities.

Some older Palm devices can use an add-on Bluetooth card to give them wireless capabilities. The instructions on this page are compatible with this setup.

Palm Desktop and HotSync Manager installed on desktop PC

Before you can sync, you'll need to install the software. Get Palm Desktop and HotSync Manager here, or use the CD that came with your Palm device.

Configure Bluetooth HotSync

Now your desktop PC and Palm device will not need to authenticate each other before they connect. Once you've set up the trusted pair, you can tell your Palm device to sync with your desktop PC.

Depending on your device, you may see slightly different screens and options. The instructions below are a general guideline for setting up Bluetooth HotSync.

On your Palm device, launch the Prefs application and select Bluetooth. Select Setup Devices.

Select HotSync Setup?1; or PC Setup?1;.

If asked, select Bluetooth HotSync.

Note The option you see may be slightly different; or you may not see this option at all.

The next screen tells you about the process you're about to undergo. Select Next.

Next, your Palm device searches for available Bluetooth PCs. From the list, select your desktop PC and select OK.

On your desktop PC, you'll need to create a virtual serial port. Follow the instructions that came with your desktop PC or the Bluetooth card to do this. After creating the virtual serial port on your PC, select Next.

Launch HotSync Manager on your desktop PC. Then:

  • Windows: In the Windows System Tray, right-click on the HotSync Manager icon, and select Setup. Click on the Local tab. From the Serial Port menu, select the virtual serial port you created earlier. Click OK.
  • Mac: Click on Connection Settings. If available, select "bluetooth-pda-sync-port" or select the virtual serial port you created earlier.

On your Palm device, tap Next.

On your desktop PC:

  • Windows: Right-click the HotSync Manager icon in the system tray again. Make sure Local Serial is selected.
  • Mac: No other steps necessary here.

On your Palm device, tap Next.

On the next screen, there will be a button for Launch HotSync. As soon as you tap this button, your device will begin to sync with your desktop PC.

Note Once you've set up Bluetooth HotSync, your device will sync wirelessly when you tap the HotSync icon in the HotSync application. This will happen even if your device is connected to a USB HotSync cable.

Easy Everyday Bluetooth HotSync

You don't need to go through the process above every time you want to sync wirelessly. After you set up the Bluetooth connection, it will be set as the default connection. Whenever you want to sync, just tap the HotSync icon in the HotSync Manager application.

If you want to switch back to USB or another type of HotSync, launch the HotSync application, and pick your preferred method from the pulldown menu that appears.