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Installing Palm Outlook Conduits if you do not have the CD that came with your device

Installing Palm Outlook Conduits if you do not have the CD that came with your device

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Do you need to install the Palm Outlook Conduits for a Palm device, and you don't have the installation CD? This article can help you get conduits to sync with Microsoft Outlook.

Versions of Palm Desktop available for download
At the time of writing there are two basic versions of Palm Desktop on our website:

  • Palm Desktop and HotSync Manager 4.1.4: does not include Palm Outlook Conduits.
  • Palm Desktop and HotSync Manager 4.1.4E: includes Palm Outlook Conduits. The "E" stands for Extended, meaning that this version of Palm Desktop is intended for devices that have the extended PIM applications.

In addition, there are special versions for Visor handhelds and Treo 600 smartphones; these downloads include Chapura PocketMirror, which syncs your device with Outlook.

Which device do you have?

  • Tungsten E, T2, T, C, W
  • Zire 21, original Zire
  • Palm i705
  • Palm m500 series
  • Palm m100 series
  • Palm VII, V and III series
  • Pilot series
  • Treo 700p, 650
  • Palm TX, Z22
  • Zire 31, 71, 72
  • Tungsten T3, T5, E2
  • LifeDrive
  • Treo 600, 300, 270, 180, 90
  • Handspring Visor handhelds
If you have one of these devices, the Outlook Conduits are available only on the CD that came with your device. The conduits are not included in 4.1.4 download for your device. The Palm Outlook Conduits are included in the 4.1.4E download for these devices. The web download for these devices includes PocketMirror, which synchronizes with Outlook.
Need the Outlook Conduits? If you don't have the installation CD, see the workarounds below.

Need the Outlook Conduits? Download version 4.1.4E of Palm Desktop.

Need the Outlook Conduits? Download Palm Desktop from our site.

Help! I need the Outlook Conduits and I don't have the CD.
There are two options for users who don't have the CD that came with their Palm devices.

  • Install third-party Outlook sync software
    These third-party applications enable synchronization between a Palm device and Microsoft Outlook. You'll need to install Palm Desktop and HotSync Manager first, and then install the third-party conduits.


  • Install version 4.1.4E of Palm Desktop with caution
    Version 4.1.4E was designed for devices with extended fields. For example, you can store up to three addresses for a person with the extended PIM fields; on previous devices, you could store only one address. If you install this version of Palm Desktop on an older device, you will only be able to sync with the fields on your Palm device. In this example, although you can store three addresses for a person in Palm Desktop, only the first address will be synchronized with your older device. The extended PIM fields will not sync with the older device.

    Examples of extended fields not available on older devices (these may appear in Palm Desktop 4.1.4E but will not sync with older devices):

    • Contacts (Address Book): Picture, Birthday, IM address, Website, more than one address.
    • Calendar (Date Book): Location, Category
    • Tasks (To Do List): Repeating tasks, completion date, timed alarms
    • Memos (Memo Pad): More than 4,000 characters in a memo item

    If you install the 4.1.4E version and then uninstall and go back to version 4.1.4, your Palm Desktop user files will no longer be compatible with the older version. These files will need to be regenerated from your device's data.

    If you're comfortable with this option, download version 4.1.4E from our site.

The details: what's the difference between 4.1.4 and 4.1.4E?

Feature Palm Desktop
Palm Desktop
Outlook Conduits
Extended PIM fields
Conduits for Photos and Videos?1;
PIM Switcher application?2;

1 - These can only be installed from the CD that came with your Palm device

2 - The PIM Switcher application lets you switch between Palm Desktop and Microsoft Outlook for synchronization. If your version of Palm Desktop doesn't have a PIM Switcher application, you can re-install Palm Desktop from the CD; when asked, select the application with which you want to sync.

Note: the presence of a third party product in this article should be not be construed as an endorsement of that product, nor should its absence be considered a denigration. Palm does not manufacture any third-party products mentioned herein, and cannot provide support for them. If you purchase a third-party product and require help with it, contact the manufacturer.