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Changing HotSync synchronization settings in Palm Outlook conduits

Changing HotSync synchronization settings in Palm Outlook conduits

Article ID: 26031

This article is about the Palm Outlook Conduits. Some devices use Chapura's PocketMirror Outlook conduits instead (info).

The steps below mention four basic conduit settings. Here's what each one does:

  • Synchronize the Files: Synchronizes the data on your Palm device and Outlook on your desktop PC, so that both have the most current information. Most people use this setting for day-to-day synchronization.
  • Desktop Overwrites Handheld: Copies the data from Outlook on your computer to your Palm device, replacing the data on your device. Typically, this option is used in restoring lost information to a device.
  • Handheld Overwrites Desktop: Copies the data from your Palm device to Outlook on your computer, replacing the data in Outlook.
  • Do Nothing: Does not synchronize or replace any data on either the Palm device or Outlook.

Important: If you do not click the "Set as default" check box, the action you select occurs only during the next HotSync operation.

How to change conduit settings

Make sure HotSync Manager is turned on.

Right-click on the HotSync Manager icon in the Windows System Tray.

From the menu that appears, select Custom.

In the Custom dialog box, select your handheld's user name from the pulldown menu at the top of the window.
Double-click on the conduit you want to change.
Select an option for the conduit setting.

Click on OK, and then click Done.