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HotSync troubleshooting: Start here

HotSync troubleshooting: Start here

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Palm Desktop compatibility with Windows 7 and 64-bit editions

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Palm Desktop 6.2 was designed for 32-bit editions of Windows XP and Windows Vista. You may be able to use this software with other versions of Windows.

Windows 7: Many users have successfully installed and used Palm Desktop 6.2 with Windows 7. Palm has not done thorough testing with a range of third-party equipment running Windows 7, therefore Palm cannot guarantee compatibility.

64-bit editions of Windows: USB HotSync is not supported. Instead, synchronize through a Bluetooth wireless connection: set up Bluetooth HotSync.

Many factors can influence synchronization. We'll take you through a step-by-step diagnosis to resolve the most common issues. If you need help synchronizing for the first time, see your Palm device's user guide.

These steps will work ONLY with the HotSync software provided by Palm. If you use third-party synchronization software (IntelliSync, iSync, Missing Sync, etc.), contact the third-party developer for assistance.

Troubleshooting Question 1:

When you press the HotSync button on your Palm device's cable/cradle, does a HotSync window open on your desktop PC?

  • YES: skip to part 2
  • NO: (your desktop computer doesn't respond; you may see an alert message) Perform each of the steps below, in order. After each step, try to sync. If it works, you've solved the problem and don't need to try the next step.

Update your sync software

Download Palm Desktop 6.2 and HotSync Manager. Sometimes simply re-installing this software solves your issue.

Are you using Windows Vista?

You'll need to install the latest version of Palm Desktop (get Palm Desktop 6.2). Check out our other information about compatibility at our Windows Vista Info Center.

Are you using Microsoft Outlook 2007?

Download the Outlook 2007 Update. This update adds HotSync conduits that are compatible with Outlook 2007, allowing you to sync your Palm OS device.

This software is not necessary for Outlook 2003, Outlook 2002, and previous versions.

Is the HotSync Manager application turned on?

Before you can synchronize, this software needs to be running. Turn on HotSync Manager if necessary.

Reset your device

Perform a soft reset. This is a great trick for solving a number of problems.

Disconnect your Palm device

Remove the USB HotSync cable, and connect it again.

Do the same with the other end that connects to your computer.

Don't try to sync until the device is fully connected.

Clean the connector:

Check for lint or other particles on the HotSync connector on your Palm device. Blow on the connector (or use canned air) to remove the debris.

Alarms pending?

If any Calendar, To Do, SMS, MMS, voicemail, email or other alarms are awaiting a response from you on the screen, select "OK" to dismiss them.

Inspect your cables and points of contact

Look at the connectors and cables: check the connections between your device and your desktop computer.

Using a USB hub?

See our troubleshooting for hubs and port replicators.

Do you see an error message?

Search our website for the exact text of the error message, and see if it's covered here.

More troubleshooting

Are you a Windows XP user?

Check your ports

Make sure that your desktop PC and Palm device are communicating properly.

Do you have an Iomega Zip drive?

Download the latest driver from Iomega's website.

USB Controller

Is it compatible with your computer? If not, you may be unable to perform a HotSync operation.

Mac OS 9.x and earlier only:

  • Macintosh Conduit Manager memory: You may need to increase the memory for the Conduit Manager.
  • Macintosh AppleTalk: If you use a


    cradle, try turning off AppleTalk in the Chooser.

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