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Windows New Hardware Wizard asks for a USB driver when I try to synchronize

Windows New Hardware Wizard asks for a USB driver when I try to synchronize

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All drivers for your handheld are installed with Palm Desktop (download here). They are not available separately. In most cases, the drivers will install automatically.

Occasionally, some Windows and hardware combinations will ask you to locate the driver for your device. The device driver is already on your PC but you need to let Windows know where it is located manually.

Windows 95 and NT
The New Hardware Wizard will appear when Windows cannot find the driver that tells it how to use a device attached to your desktop computer (in this case, your USB cradle). If you're using Windows 95 or Windows NT, you won't be able to resolve the problem.

Other Windows versions
If you are using any other version of the Windows operating system, you need to convince Windows to find the driver software for your device. Often, all you need to do is to tell Windows to try again. To do that:

  1. With the New Hardware Wizard on the screen, click the Cancel button.
  2. Restart your computer.
  3. Attempt another HotSync operation.

If the HotSync operation succeeds, congratulations, you're done. If Windows launches the New Hardware Wizard again:

  1. Select the button "Display a list of all the drivers in a specific location" (or "Browse")
  2. Find one of these:
    • VisorUsb.inf OR
    • PalmUSB.sys
    • (but not PalmUSBD.sys)

    ... in one of these locations:

    • C:\Program Files\palmOne\Drivers OR
    • C:\Program Files\Palm\Drivers OR
    • C:\Program Files\Handspring\Drivers OR
    • C:\Windows\inf
    Then click Next.
  3. Allow the wizard to finish, then attempt a HotSync operation.

If the New Hardware Wizard persists:

  1. Launch Windows Explorer.
  2. Navigate to the driver you found above.
  3. Right click on the file.
  4. Choose Install.
  5. Attempt another HotSync operation.

If you still have difficulty:

  1. Uninstall the Palm Desktop software
  2. Restart your computer.
  3. Re-install Palm Desktop.
  4. Restart your computer.
  5. Attempt another HotSync operation.

Still getting the New Hardware Wizard message?
If you use Windows XP, you may need the latest Windows XP Service Pack, from the Microsoft website. Service Pack 1 resolves many USB issues, including HotSync.

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