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Battery won't recharge

Battery won't recharge

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These troubleshooting steps apply only to devices with built-in rechargeable batteries. If your device uses AAA alkaline batteries, do not install rechargeable batteries.

Charging tips

Is the power adapter plugged in correctly? Make sure that it's hooked up to an active power outlet, and that all connections are secure.

Is your device securely connected? Very lightly wiggle the connection between your device and the charging cable/cradle. If it doesn't feel secure, try removing the device and connecting it again.

Does your device think it's charging?Verify that your device is charging: look at the battery meter at the top of the Applications Launcher screen. It displays a "lightning bolt" symbol over the battery when it's charging.

Have you tried a soft reset? If your device won't turn on, or if it's experiencing other problems, a soft reset may be in order.

Have you tried an in-cradle reset? You may need to do this to reset the charging circuitry. Learn about the in-cradle reset.

Are you ready for a hard reset? A hard reset will erase all the data on your handheld, but it might be necessary to alleviate problems caused by third-party applications or other causes.

If after trying the above your device still won't charge, contact Product Support.

My battery loses its charge very quickly
Like all Lithium Ion batteries, the battery in your device will eventually wear out. If you charge your device fully but it loses power after a few hours (or sooner), it may be time to replace the internal battery.

For best results, don't let your battery fully drain before recharging. Lithium Ion batteries last longer if you "top them off" frequently.