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How do I synchronize Mail on my Handspring organizer with email on my Macintosh?

How do I synchronize Mail on my Handspring organizer with email on my Macintosh?

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Note: This article only applies to the built-in Mail application that comes on Visor organizers (and Treo 90). For checking email with Treo smartphones, see our article about setting up Treo for the Internet (which includes setting it up for email).

Synchronizing vs. checking
When you synchronize email on your handheld, your handheld takes the text of emails from the email application on your Macintosh and puts them on your handheld for reading. All sending and checking of email is done through the desktop client.

When you check email with a handheld connected to the Internet (via wireless or landline modem), the handheld email client actually grabs the emails from the server and puts them on your handheld.

This article is about synchronizing, not checking. If you just want to check your email via handheld modem, and never intend to synchronize with your Macintosh email client, you can use any of the email clients out there (see Tucows PDA email listings or PalmGear email listings).

How to do it
To synchronize e-mail between your Visor handheld and your Macintosh desktop computer, you need to obtain a third-party solution. Here are the Macintosh email conduits available, to our knowledge:

When choosing a potential email conduit, ask yourself these questions:

  • What email client do I use on the desktop (Outlook Express, Eudora, etc.)?
  • Do I want to use the default Mail program on my Visor handheld? Some email conduits include a handheld email client too.
  • Is there a conduit available to link this combination of email clients together?
  • Do I want to link up more than just the emails? What about my address book and other PIM information?

For example, you might have Outlook Express or Eudora on your Macintosh. In this case, your only current conduit option would be MultiMail conduit for Macintosh.

See also What conduits are available to link Palm's handhelds with applications on Macintosh computers?

Another option
You might also consider installing an application that emulates Windows on your Macintosh computer, like Virtual PC from Connectix. Using a PC emulation application you can install the Windows version of the Palm Desktop software, which includes conduits for your handheld's Mail application or any other PC conduit you may have installed.

Note: A Mail conduit is supplied with Palm powered handhelds to synchronize email with various mail clients on Windows computers.