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Palm Desktop 4.0.1 and HotSync Manager for Handspring Visor (Windows)

Palm Desktop 4.0.1 and HotSync Manager for Handspring Visor (Windows)

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WinDesktop_401_ENG_V.exe (12MB)

Description & Features

What is this software?

This software lets you sync your Palm device with your computer, so your info is backed up and easily editable on your computer.

Keep your information up to date wherever you are. When you sync, any changes you've made to Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Memos are automatically added to your computer or your Palm device.

Palm Desktop is the desktop personal information manager. HotSync Manager controls synchronization. Both are included in a single download on this page.

If you sync with Microsoft Outlook or Entourage, you still should install this software.

System Requirements

Palm devices

  • Handspring Visor: 2MB Visor, Visor Deluxe, Visor Platinum, Visor Prism, Visor Edge, Visor Neo, Visor Pro
  • Treo 90

Windows versions

  • Windows XP Home and Professional (32-bit editions)*
  • Windows 2000

* Unsupported Windows versions & systems

Please note, we provide no support for use of our software or for synchronization of our devices with:

  • Windows Vista and later. Handspring handhelds are not supported under these versions of Windows.
  • 64-bit editions, server editions, or Tablet PC editions of Windows
  • Dual- or Multiple-CPU computers
    Note: this is not the same as a dual- or multi-core processor, which is compatible with Palm Desktop.

Release Notes

Note for PocketMirror Professional

If you are using the special third-party conduit PocketMirror Professional (not PocketMirror Standard, which comes with the Palm Desktop software), read on.

When you install Palm Desktop, you'll be asked about the Personal Information Manager (PIM) with which you want to synchronize. Choose the third option, "I want to use other PIM software ..." This will preserve your PocketMirror Professional software and sub-folder configurations as you install the new Palm Desktop.

PocketMirror Pro

This option is also useful for any other third-party conduit set such as IntelliSync. The option "I want to use other PIM software ..." installs no conduits from the Treo CD leaving existing synchronization conduits in place, if they already exist.

Where is it installed?

The Palm Desktop software installer will configure your computer in one of three different ways.

Installing Palm Desktop for the first time: the software will go in a new folder called Handspring, and will create a new Handspring folder in the Start Menu.

Installing Palm Desktop on top of a previous version: the software will go in your old Palm Desktop folder. It will also add a folder to your Start menu labeled "Handspring". If you already had a folder in the Start menu labeled "Palm Desktop," both folders point to the same place on your hard drive. You can safely delete the Palm Desktop folder in the Start menu: left click on the Start menu, select Programs, and right click on the Palm Desktop folder. Choose Delete from the menu that appears.

Installing Palm Desktop 4.1 after uninstalling a previous version: the software will go in a new folder called Handspring. If you want Palm Desktop to use your existing data, choose Browse on the installation screen, navigate to the folder where your user data is located and click OK.

How To Install

Do not un-install previous versions of Palm Desktop. If you have an existing version of Palm Desktop on your PC, leave it as-is, and install this version on top of it.

For the best experience, restart your PC and quit all running applications before installing this software.