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Palm devices that include Chapura PocketMirror or Palm Outlook Conduits

Palm devices that include Chapura PocketMirror or Palm Outlook Conduits

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Palm Desktop compatibility with Windows 7 and 64-bit editions

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Palm Desktop 6.2 was designed for 32-bit editions of Windows XP and Windows Vista. You may be able to use this software with other versions of Windows.

Windows 7: Many users have successfully installed and used Palm Desktop 6.2 with Windows 7. Palm has not done thorough testing with a range of third-party equipment running Windows 7, therefore Palm cannot guarantee compatibility.

64-bit editions of Windows: USB HotSync is not supported. Instead, synchronize through a Bluetooth wireless connection: set up Bluetooth HotSync.

The CD that came with your Palm device may include software that lets you sync with Microsoft Outlook?1;. Depending on which device you have, this software is either Palm Outlook Conduits or Chapura PocketMirror.

Where do I get Outlook Conduits?
To get the Outlook Conduits, install Palm Desktop and HotSync Manager from the CD that came with your Palm device. When you select "I want to sync with Microsoft Outlook," the Outlook conduits will be installed. They cannot be installed separately.

If you install a newer version of Palm Desktop, you will still be able to sync with Outlook, even if the Palm Desktop version you install does not include Outlook Conduits.

What if I don't have the CD that came with my Palm device?
You may be able to install Outlook Conduits from a web download. Learn more.

Device Outlook sync method
LifeDrive Palm Outlook Conduits
Treo 650 Palm Outlook Conduits
Treo 600 Chapura's PocketMirror
Treo 300, 270, 180 Chapura's PocketMirror
Treo 90 Chapura's PocketMirror
Palm TX Palm Outlook Conduits
Tungsten T5 Palm Outlook Conduits
Tungsten T3 Palm Outlook Conduits
Tungsten T2 Chapura's PocketMirror
Tungsten T Chapura's PocketMirror
Tungsten E Palm Outlook Conduits
Tungsten C Chapura's PocketMirror
Tungsten W Chapura's PocketMirror
Device Outlook sync method
Palm z22 Palm Outlook Conduits
Zire 72 Palm Outlook Conduits
Zire 71 Chapura's PocketMirror
Zire 31 Palm Outlook Conduits
Zire 21 Chapura's PocketMirror
Zire Chapura's PocketMirror

Palm i705
Chapura's PocketMirror
Palm m500 series Chapura's PocketMirror
Palm m100 series Chapura's PocketMirror
Palm VII series Chapura's PocketMirror
Palm V series Chapura's PocketMirror
Palm III series Chapura's PocketMirror
Visor series Chapura's PocketMirror

Where can I get help with these Outlook conduits?

1 - For the purposes of this table, the software we are referring to is for the synchronization of personal data stored in Outlook ? Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes (email synchronization with Outlook is dealt with separately through VersaMail).