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Help! I deleted my data on both my PC/Mac, and on my Palm device

Help! I deleted my data on both my PC/Mac, and on my Palm device

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If you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having lost your personal data and applications on both your PC/Mac, and your device, there are a few last-resort steps you may be able to take to try and retrieve your data.

Note: You may have deleted your data permanently. The two-way HotSync process is designed to tidy up on both sides when you delete records on either your PC/Mac or on your device. If you've accidentally wiped the data in both locations, your only hope to retrieve your data is if you have backed it up in a secure location prior to the deletion. if you are not able to retrieve your data, see our suggestions for backing up your data so that in the future it does not happen again.

PC backup
You may be a person who backs up your PC. The files you need would reside in your device's user folder on a PC backup.


  • Contacts (Address Book): C:\Program Files\palmOne\(user name)\address\address.dat
  • Calendar (Date Book): C:\Program Files\palmOne\(user name)\datebook\datebook.dat
  • Tasks (To Do List): C:\Program Files\palmOne\(user name)\todo\todo.dat
  • Memos (Notes): C:\Program Files\palmOne\(user name)\memopad\memopad.dat
  • Installed applications: C:\Program Files\palmOne\(user name)\Backup

Sync with multiple computers
Perhaps you synchronize with more than one desktop computer, or have done so in the past. In that case, you could get the copy of the good or perhaps slightly older files from there and replace the now blank one on your PC/Mac.

Data recovery services (not recommended)
In the worst case scenario, you could enlist the help of a data recovery service, who can try to retrieve the files from your hard disk or from the RAM traces in the handheld. This is very expensive and not guaranteed to be productive.

For the future: backing up your data
Creating multiple backups of your Palm data is crucial if your life depends on your handheld or smartphone. See Knowledge Library article 28751 for multiple suggestions for backing up your important data.