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Palm? Vx Specifications

Palm? Vx Specifications

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Product information is for both limited and standard editions unless specified.


  • 8 MB RAM
  • 20 MHz Dragonball EZ processor
  • Palm? Desktop handheld software 3.1, Limited Edition includes Palm Desktop handheld software 3.0.1 (available from the Web site for download)
  • Compatible with all Palm handhelds
  • Palm OS® ver. 3.5, Limited Edition includes OS ver. 3.3 (available from the Web site for download)
  • High Contrast ?Gold? LCD screen
  • Aluminum anodized metal casing
  • Backlight
  • Infrared Beaming
  • Toggle between three font sizes
  • Chapura® (3rd-party Vendor) PocketMirror® conduit for use with Microsoft Outlook® 95/98/2000


  • High concept design
  • Thinner stylus is made of aluminum and more like a pen
  • No memory door
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries


The following are the standard applications that come installed on the Palm Vx.

  • Address Book -- Store phone numbers and addresses
  • Calculator -- Basic calculator for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
  • Date Book -- Keep track of appointments, birthdays, meetings
  • HotSync® technology -- Backup all data to the desktop
  • Memo Pad -- General notes
  • Prefs -- Customize the settings, set the time, date, etc.
  • Security -- Protect important files
  • To Do List -- Daily reminders
  • Graffiti® -- Designed to help learn the Graffiti language
  • Expense -- Keep track of expenses
  • Mail -- Read and send e-mail
  • Internet Ready -- Browse the internet (need additional software)


These items are packaged with all new Palm Vx handhelds.

  • Palm V Cradle (specifically for Palm V series handhelds)
  • Flip Cover
  • Software manual
  • Hardware manual (available on website for download)
  • Software (CD)

These specifications were correct at the time of writing.
However, some specifications may vary over the lifespan of a product. Please refer to the product's box for a definitive description of specifications and components included with a particular unit. Visit the Palm products section for details on our current product lineup.