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Synchronizing with a Linux desktop computer

Synchronizing with a Linux desktop computer

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The good news: it's possible to synchronize a Palm OS device with a desktop computer running Linux. Below, read the online accounts of those who regularly achieve the feat.

The bad news: Palm does not provide technical support for synchronization with Linux, or any other variant of Unix. Your best source of assistance is the Unix community.

Because we cannot provide official support for Linux, you may have to do some digging on third-party websites to find the answers you need. Also please note that the solutions below have not been tested by Palm, and we cannot guarantee that they will work for you. This article should be a good starting point for your own explorations.

Note: the presence of a third party product or website in this article should be not be construed as an endorsement of that product or website, nor should its absence be considered a denigration. Palm does not manufacture any third-party products mentioned herein, and cannot provide support for them. If you purchase a third-party product and require help with it, contact the manufacturer.