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Software Update 1.10 (Windows installer) for Treo 700p for Verizon

Software Update 1.10 (Windows installer) for Treo 700p for Verizon

Article ID: 9354 (17.8MB)

Double-click the downloaded file to decompress it. Your computer will unzip the file to a folder containing several individual files.

Description & Features

Released September 21, 2007

What is this software?

As part of our continuous effort to give customers the best possible experience, Palm offers an update that features performance and reliability enhancements.

This update includes a fix to intermittent network connectivity problems previously reported. If you downloaded and ran this update prior to Sept. 18, 2007, re-download and re-run this update to install the connectivity fix?1;.

Product enhancements:

  • Performance improvements to phone application
  • System improvements to minimize skipping during music playback and eliminate audio delays experienced on some games
  • Performance improvement to minimize delays experienced when loading Blazer browser
  • Support for new daylight savings time legislation, plus a simplified Date/Time preference panel
  • Increased expansion card support including 4GB SD cards and SDHC cards
  • Resolution of certain "wake up" issues that may occur with certain third party push email solutions
  • Improved handling of SMS messages to lessen stalling of messages.
  • For customers using Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 with SP 2 and above, an update to VersaMail client now includes an update to Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync which adds Microsoftâ??s Direct Push Technology for push email, calendar and contacts. Also adding other EAS functionality such as remote wipe, policy support, and global address lookup

Bluetooth wireless technology enhancements:

  • Increases list of supported/compatible Bluetooth wireless carkits, including BMW and Toyota/Lexus (Denso)
  • Improves overall user experience with supported Bluetooth wireless carkits and headsets (e.g. allow user to manually connect / disconnect to a Bluetooth device)

1 - The initial version of the Palm Treo 700p Updater 1.10, posted on July 12, 2007 incorrectly set a data connectivity parameter which may have produced an error when trying to connect to network data services.

The errors associated with this issue may include: "Error 3000" errors when attempting to browse; or "PPP Link Time Out error 0x1231" when attempting to connect to data.

The Treo 700p Update 1.10 was modified to properly program the parameter which had been incorrectly set. The update process on devices which have already run the 1.10 update should only take a few minutes. If the device was successfully updated previously, the entire update will not be applied. The updater will only run as long as is necessary to update the data connectivity parameters.

Do you need this update?

  1. On your Treo 700p, press Phone
  2. Press Menu
  3. From the Options menu, select Phone Info.
  4. Look for the Software Version.If you see:

    Treo700p-1.06-VZW: A Full update is necessary and will take approximately 35 minutes.

    Treo700p-1.10-VZW: A Partial update is necessary and will take approximately 10 minutes.

    (includes the underscore "_" as illustrated in the image to the right.) No update is necessary.

Screenshot: software version

System Requirements

  • Install this software if your Treo 700p is on the Verizon network. The update will not work on any other Treo smartphones.
  • This update is for Windows XP and Windows 2000 only. Windows Vista users must install this update through a memory card: How to install (Vista + memory card) ....
  • Make sure Palm Desktop 4.2 is installed on your desktop PC. Need Palm Desktop?
  • Plug your smartphone into its AC charger and keep it plugged in throughout the update.
  • Keep an eye on your smartphone and the Windows desktop installer during the update. Respond to prompts and alerts in a timely manner.
  • Good Mobile Messaging users: Follow our special instructions to back up your Good Mobile Messaging applications and provisioning data before proceeding with the updater: More ...
  • Do not reset, turn off, jostle, or unplug your device until the update is complete.

How To Install


Before you begin:

  1. Remove the stylus from the phone. You will need it later in the update process.
  2. Connect the USB sync cable to your smartphone.
  3. Perform a HotSync operation. This important step will backup your device to your desktop PC.


Decompress the file you downloaded (above) to a temporary folder. One file will be unzipped: Treo700pVerizonDesktopUpdater-rev1.exe

Good Mobile Messaging users: Be sure to follow our special instructions to back up your Good Mobile Messaging applications and provisioning data before proceeding with the updater: More ...


Double-click the decompressed file: Treo700pVerizonDesktopUpdater-rev1.exe

This will launc the updater on your Windows computer.


Follow the instructions on your desktop PC. Don't worry about what's happening on your Treo 700p; your desktop PC will tell you what you need to do. Your smartphone may reset itself several times, and the Palm logo will appear onscreen periodically.

Do not disconnect the sync cable or the charger and do not jostle your device during the update. Doing so may cause the update to fail and could result in Looping Resets.

  • If you are updating from Treo700p-1.06-VZW: A Full update is necessary and will take approximately 45 minutes.
  • If you are updating from Treo700p-1.10-VZW: A Partial update is necessary and many steps will be skipped. This update will take approximately 10 minutes.


This is the final screen of the update process. Ensure the charger is still plugged into your Treo 700p.

Allow the unit to update and reset itself until the language selection screen ("Press Center button for English") appears. Press Center.

The smartphone will then reset itself again, and the Palm logo will appear.


Your desktop PC will tell you when the update is complete.

Perform a HotSync operation with your desktop PC to restore the data you backed up at the beginning.

Be sure to re-activate your smartphone after the update. Dial *228 and then select option 2.

VersaMail users: After you install the Treo 700p Update, you must upgrade your version of VersaMail to 3.5.4, which includes the Exchange ActiveSync Update.
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