L'auricolare cablato non funziona

My wired headset does not work

Try these steps in order if you have trouble with a wired headset. Stop when the problem is solved.

  1. Increase the volume on your phone.
  2. Slide the ringer switch to on. The phone displays sound on at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Unplug the headset if it is plugged in. Blow into the headset jack to clear out any debris. Firmly plug in the headset.
  4. Try a different 3.5mm headset to isolate the problem.

Note If your phone still shows the headset icon the wired headset icon> after you disconnect your headset, connect and disconnect the headset a few times. If that doesn?t fix the problem, blow into the headset jack, or carefully clean the headset jack with a toothpick to remove any debris; then connect and disconnect the headset again.