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Setting up your webOS device

Setting up your webOS device

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Setting up your HP webOS device

Note the following about setting up your webOS phone:

To set up your webOS phone:

  1. Press and hold power until you see the logo on the screen. (The logo appears in approximately 5 seconds).
  2. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete setup. To create your Palm profile, enter a working email address. Your profile gives you access to services like automatic updates and frequent automatic backups of any info that is stored only on your phone and isn?t synchronized with an online account. You can also tap Sign In To Palm Profile if you want to use your webOS phone with an existing Palm profile.

    Important If the email address is associated with another Palm profile, you receive a notification indicating that the email address is already in use. If you have a Palm profile from a webOS phone that you no longer use, you can enter that profile email address and username to download that profile information to your new phone. But if you?re still using the other phone, you must create a new Palm profile for your new phone?you can?t use the same profile on two phones.

  3. To learn how to make your first call, see Making and receiving calls .
  4. After you finish setup, look for an email on your computer at the address you used for your Palm profile. Click the link in the email to do the following:
    • Verify your Palm profile.
    • Set up a security question and answer if this was not done already. If you see a prompt to enter a security question and answer, complete this information.
    • Follow a link to learn about getting data like contacts and appointments onto your phone from your desktop organizer software. See Transferring data from a Palm device or desktop organizer to a webOS phone .

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