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Understanding webOS system updates

Understanding webOS system updates

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How automatic HP webOS updates work

Important Updates do not affect your data in any way.

Palm provides system updates wirelessly to HP webOS devices. These updates are released periodically and are intended to increase stability, improve the user experience, and in some cases add functionality.

In addition to receiving update notifications, you can manually check for updates at any time.

System update process

Note All system updates require your battery to be charged to at least 30% and do not install if you are on a call.

There are several steps to a system update, but almost all of them are performed automatically.

  1. Background update?Palm Services notifies your device that an update is available
    • When an update is available, Palm Services sends a background message to your device.
    • You receive a notification that an update is available when it has been downloaded in the background and is ready to install.
  2. Manual update?check yourself to see if an update is available
    • You can check for system updates manually at any time by opening Updates null>.
    • If an update is available, you can download it immediately (or you can wait for it to download in the background at a later time). You are notified when the update is ready to be installed. The update screen contains a link to the Palm Support website, where you can get information on the contents of the update.
    • There is no minimum battery threshold for manually initiating an update download.
  3. Update delivery
    • You can use your device while an update downloads.
    • System updates download in the background over Wi-Fi when a Wi-Fi connection is available (if Wi-Fi is available on your device and your device is not in airplane mode). For devices with Wi-Fi, webOS checks for a Wi-Fi connection for 2 days before checking for and using a high-speed data connection.
    • For devices without Wi-Fi, updates download over your wireless service provider?s network.
    • On webOS versions before 1.3.5, updates are not downloaded on a low-speed data connection.
    • If the download process is interrupted for any reason (for example, loss of signal, or the battery charge level is too low), the process resumes as soon as the reason for interruption is remedied.
    • Updates cannot be downloaded when roaming, even if you have enabled data roaming.
  4. Update validation
    • During this stage, webOS verifies that the update was downloaded successfully.
    • If the download fails to validate, the update is deleted. Your device waits for another notification or manual check for an update.
  5. Install notification
    • After an update has been downloaded, you are prompted to install the update now or later.
    • If you choose to install the update later, the next time you connect your device to a charger, a message appears asking if you want to install the update now or later. If no choice has been made after 10 minutes, the installation begins. If you choose to install later, the next time you connect your device to a charger, the install now or later message appears again. The pattern repeats until the update is installed.
  6. Installation
    • Installation can take up to 15 minutes.
    • While a system update is being installed, you cannot use any part of your device, and all wireless services are disabled.
    • If the battery is removable, do not remove your battery while an update is being installed. You may damage the device.

      Note A phone that is updating from a version of webOS less than 1.3.5 may restart multiple times during the update process. This is normal. Keep the phone powered, and do not remove the battery. Allow the phone to finish updating, indicated by the Done button on the screen. If after 60 minutes your phone has not completed the update process, contact your wireless service provider.

  7. If an update fails to install properly
    • In the rare event that an update fails, your device restarts and attempts to reinstall the update up to three times. If your device still fails to install the update, a message with information on what to do next is displayed on the screen for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, your device turns off.

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