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My webOS device won't turn on

My webOS device won't turn on

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My device won't turn on

If your device will not turn on, try these steps.

  1. Do the following to reseat the connectors inside the AC charger. This ensures the issue is not with the charger.
    1. Unplug the AC charger and remove the USB cable.
    2. Hold the base of the AC charger (the part with the USB port) with one hand, and the cap with the prongs with the other hand.
    3. Hold the base firmly, and rotate the cap counterclockwise until it stops, and then rotate it back until you feel it notch into place. This reseats the connectors between the base and cap. See the pictures below. Note the position of the prongs before and after the cap is rotated to get an idea of how far the cap turns.

    Note When turned until it stops, the cap can be removed. If this happens, replace it by aligning the notches on the cap with the slots on the base, then rotating it away from you until it notches into place.

  2. Connect your USB cable to the AC charger and to your device.
  3. Plug the AC charger into an electric outlet.
  4. Note the following possible conditions, based on the state of battery charge of your device:
    • The battery must have a certain level of charge for the device to turn on. When the battery charge is very low, the device shuts off. When it is plugged into a charger, and the charge is very low, the center button LED flashes, alternating left and right. If the charge is slightly higher but still very low, and the device is turned on, a low-battery screen displays for a moment and then the screen goes dark again. If the device is plugged into a charger, the device turns on and displays the low-battery screen.
    • When the battery has enough charge to start the device, the device starts, indicated by the HP logo. Startup may take a few seconds.
  5. Charge the device for 2 hours.
  6. If the device still does not power on, press the power button and Center at the same time until the HP logo appears (up to 30 seconds). The device may take a few seconds to turn on after the logo appears.

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