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Software update information and release notes for TouchPad (Wi-Fi)

Software update information and release notes for TouchPad (Wi-Fi)

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Release notes for HP webOS system updates for HP TouchPad

This article lists new applications and feature changes in software updates for the TouchPad.

For instructions on updating the software on your device, see How do HP webOS system updates work?

webOS 3.0.5

The HP webOS 3.0.5 update enhances core apps like Email and Calendar, improves the video calling experience, and fixes additional bugs.

  • Faster switching between Day, Week, and Month views, and faster event display in Calendar.
  • Faster scrolling when reading an email message.
  • Email attachments are now saved with draft messages.
  • Added sender photos and IM presence indicators in Email.
  • Improved stability when watching video in the Web app.
  • Improved handling of MP3s that are transferred from a computer using USB Drive mode.
  • Added a dedicated view of contacts available for a video call, for quicker setup of a video call.
  • New alert when video quality might be lower because of network issues.
  • When typing, pressing the space bar twice inserts a period. This can be toggled on and off.
  • Added support for HTTP Live Streaming.

webOS 3.0.4

HP webOS 3.0.4 makes TouchPad snappier, includes a new camera app, makes it easier to find great TouchPad apps in the App Catalog, and a number of other improvements.

Core applications


  • New front-facing photo and video camera app.


  • Larger tap targets for easier tapping.
  • Increased support for Flash & Flash plug-ins, including recognizing accelerometer events.

App Catalog

  • Added ability to view only TouchPad, Phone, or All applications in App Catalog.
  • Launching and viewing App Catalog contents are quicker.
  • Improvements of the user interface include app icon appearance, responsive tap targets, and formatting of the app description.


  • You can add songs to a playlist from Album view.
  • OGG Vorbis and FLAC media files are supported.


  • Setting status (online/offline) per account is now supported. For example, you can be offline on your work account and online on your personal account.
  • You can set your status to invisible on Yahoo! Messenger.


  • You can now pair a phone that is not a webOS phone to the TouchPad, so you can answer calls on the TouchPad.

    NOTE: Most devices cannot send or receive SMS (text messages) from the TouchPad. The SMS Mirroring functionality needed to send and receive SMS from the TouchPad requires the Bluetooth Message Access Profile (MAP) to be supported by the phone.


  • Performance of the Microsoft Exchange Global Address List (GAL) when composing a new email or using Just Type has been improved.
  • Added support for the Microsoft Exchange Autodiscover service to assist in setting up Microsoft Exchange accounts without having to enter server configuration information.

Additional bug fixes in Maps, Contacts, Calendar, and App Catalog.

webOS System


  • Bluetooth keyboard pairing with generic keyboards has been simplified and now includes an automatically generated pairing code and instructions on how to pair.
  • System load balancing: webOS maintains a higher level of overall usability when the system is downloading a large amount of data (for example, during a restore) or is installing apps.


This release addresses a number of security issues with HP webOS software.

Individuals interested in contacting HP to report suspected security issues can find more information at

webOS 3.0.2

HP webOS system update 3.0.2 provides increased system performance and stability and addresses a number of bugs.

HP webOS system update 3.0.2 offers improvements in the following areas.

Core applications


  • Quicker Just Type event search and event creation
  • Improved handling of meeting cancellations


  • Faster scrolling
  • Improved message content and image display
  • Improved management of multiple emails in Draft and Outbox views


  • Reduced audio skipping when the device is running other applications
  • Better display of album art

Photos & Videos

  • Added ability to set wallpapers
  • Faster and more reliable handling of individual photos and albums

Text Assist

  • Improved speed and accuracy of auto-corrections


  • Increased scrolling support compatibility within web pages
  • Improved performance of remote HTML5 video playback
  • Improved responsiveness of auto correction within the browser

webOS System

  • Fixed issues with oversensitive screen rotation


This release addresses a number of security issues with HP webOS software.

Individuals interested in contacting HP to report suspected security issues can find more information at .