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TouchPad (Wi-Fi)

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Battery replacement service

Battery replacement service

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With the announcement of the discontinuation of the HP TouchPad, the HP Battery Replacement Service is no longer available for purchase.

For customers who have already purchased HP Battery Replacement Service, HP will honor the warranty and other service details below.

This program addresses non-warrantable failures, such as a decreased ability to hold a charge. See other support options from HP if you have a failure covered by warranty.

Tips & tricks for troubleshooting battery issues

You may be able to improve the performance of your device's battery without replacing it. Before using the Battery Replacement Service, try these tips:

How long does the service take?

The service process normally takes up to 7-10 business days after arrival of the device at the battery replacement facility.

What happens to the data on my device?

During servicing, your webOS device is erased. Before sending your device for battery replacement, back up the data in your webOS Account and on the USB drive.

Following service, your webOS device may have a newer version of the webOS operating system. To ensure compatibility with the new operating system, you may need to update applications purchased through the App Store. If you experience an issue with an app after a webOS update, contact the vendor of the application.

What is the warranty on the replacement battery?

HP warrants the replacement battery against defects in materials or workmanship resulting in failure for a period of 90 days from the purchase of the battery.

As with all batteries, the maximum capacity of the battery included in the HP Product will decrease with time or use. The battery warranty does not cover changes in battery capacity or decreased ability to hold a charge. To determine whether your battery has had a warranted failure, you may be required to run an HP diagnostic test. Battery life is not warranted and will vary depending on product configuration and usage, including but not limited to product model, applications running, power management settings, and product features.

If you have purchased an extended warranty for your webOS device, see the terms and conditions for information about battery replacement.