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Updating Documents To Go, and receiving automatic update notifications, for Palm handhelds

Updating Documents To Go, and receiving automatic update notifications, for Palm handhelds

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Your Palm TX handheld comes with DataViz Documents To Go 7, including both a handheld component and a desktop component.

Installing the desktop component
Documents To Go is already on your handheld. But there is an important desktop component for your PC or Mac that you'll need to install separately.

You may have already done this as part of your initial Palm TX setup. If you haven't done so already, place the Palm TX CD in your PC, select "Add software to your device," then select Documents To Go. An installation wizard will guide you through the process on installing the software on your desktop computer.

Check for updates: Visit DataViz's Re-Download page to see if an updated version of Documents To Go is available for your Palm TX handheld.

To get the registration code: A registration code is needed to download any update from DataViz. Launch Documents To Go on your desktop computer (not your handheld), go the "Help" menu and select "About Documents To Go". Your registration number can be found there. Then check for updates.

Be notified of future updates
DataViz can send you a notification if a new version of Documents To Go is released. To turn on this option:

  1. On your PC, launch Documents To Go.

  2. From the Tools menu, select Preferences.

  3. Click on the Communications tab.

  4. You'll see a screen that says:

    This software includes technology that periodically, if an internet connection is available, contacts DataViz servers with information regarding your installed copy of Documents To Go and your Palm device.

    This information is used to notify you of free maintenance upgrades, product entitlements, new version releases and additional personalized services and offers.

  5. Check the box for Enable automatic communications.

Need more help with Documents To Go?
Documents To Go is a third-party product designed by DataViz. For more information, see the Documents To Do product page on DataViz's website.