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Synchronizing under 64-bit Windows editions: Bluetooth HotSync setup

Synchronizing under 64-bit Windows editions: Bluetooth HotSync setup

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This article describes how to set up synchronization using Bluetooth® technology between a computer running 64-bit editions of Microsoft Windows and a Palm OS® by ACCESS smartphone or handheld device. For 64-bit Windows editions, Bluetooth is the preferred connection method for synchronization. USB synchronization is not supported for 64-bit Windows editions.

Setting up synchronization using Bluetooth technology involves two procedures: configuring your computer and configuring your smartphone.

Before You Begin:

  • Your computer must be enabled with Bluetooth technology, and your computer must be discoverable so that your Palm device can find it. If this feature is not built in to your computer, you may need an adapter (you can use Bluetooth 2.0 adapters). Before buying a Bluetooth adapter, be sure that it works with your computer. This is important for computers running 64-bit Windows editions. Check the instructions to see if you need to obtain and install a device driver for the adapter. Microsoft maintains a list of devices compatible with Windows along with links to popular PC manufacturer sites where you can get device drivers.
  • Palm Desktop by ACCESS 6.2 must be installed on your computer. This software is compatible with Windows Vista and allows you to sync .prc and .pdb files (Palm OS applications and databases). Download Palm Desktop 6.2.

Configuring Bluetooth synchronization on a 64-bit Windows computer

  1. Download & install Palm Desktop 6.2.
  2. Click the HotSync icon in the task bar on your Windows computer.
  3. Select Settings from the menu.
  4. Select Connections on the left of the screen and then select Bluetooth.
  5. Click Done.

Configuring Bluetooth synchronization on your Palm OS device

When you set up your Palm device to synchronize using Bluetooth technology, you are creating a "Bluetooth partnership" between your device your computer (also referred to as "trusted pair" or "trusted device"). This allows you to sync wirelessly without your device and computer having to authenticate each other every time you sync.

Depending on your Palm device, you may see slightly different screens and options. The procedure below is a general guideline for setting up Bluetooth synchronization on your device.

  1. Open the Prefs application and select Bluetooth.
  2. Select Setup Devices.
  3. Select HotSync Setup.
  4. Select Next on the information screen. Your Palm device searches for nearby Bluetooth devices.
  1. Select your computer from the list of nearby devices and select OK.
  1. For Windows Vista, select Next three times to skip the three steps for setting up a virtual serial port. Bluetooth synchronization on Windows Vista doesn't use virtual serial ports.
  2. Select Launch HotSync. Your Palm device begins to sync with your computer.

NOTE: Your Palm device now syncs wirelessly whenever you press the sync button on the cradle or sync cable, or whenever you select the HotSync® icon in the HotSync application. This occurs even if your device is connected to a sync cable.